There are many places worth seeing in the area, for example:

  • ruins of the WleŮ castle, the oldest bricked defence structure, including a tower with a beautiful view on the Karkonosze mountains,
  • dam on Bůbr river in Pilchowice with still working, one hundred years old water power station which can be visited in groups,
  • group of rocks called ‚€œCaptain‚€™s bridge‚€ in Pokrzywnik. It is said that, during II World War tests, made on Pilchownicki lake, of different U-boot types were observed exactly from that group of rocks,
  • ruins of palace and manor-house in Maciejowiec with full of colours spring ‚€œrhododendron ‚€“ wall‚€ and romantic tomb in the park,
  • geological curiosity made by extraordinary forms of sandstone in £upki,
  • Kostrzyca Proboszczowicka mountain (volcanic origin), 501 m above sea level high, called Polish Fujijama‚€ with basalt field on the top,
  • knights tower in SiedlÍcin with one of the oldest medieval, not religious frescoes in Europe presenting the story of Lancelot from the lake,
  • penance-crosses put on a crime places by criminals as one of the way of punishment sentenced by medieval courts.

And many, many other….